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<   No. 393   2004-02-22   >

Comic #393

1 Anakin: And not only do they need to import ludicrous amounts of food, but think of all the sewage!
2 Qui-Gon: Actually, Anakin, Coruscant has solved both those problems with a very ingenious solution, hidden below the city.
3 {silent beat}
4 Jar Jar: Meesa like mushroom soup!
4 Ric Olie: You won't after spending a week here.

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Yes, well. So many people wrote to me after #386 to tell me that disposing of sewage and providing food for all the people of Coruscant could be achieved without arable land by judicious use of underground recycling facilities, that I thought it was my duty to point out the other problem that raises...

I fully expect another round of arguments in support of the concept of a planet-wide city, so fire away. George, I'm doing this for your sake - I hope you appreciate it.

2013-01-30 Rerun commentary: Actually... Don't fire away. After all this time, I've almost had enough of discussing the feasibility or otherwise of Coruscant. And there are a bunch of other rerun comics about this coming up... aiiieee!!

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