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<   No. 3900   2018-12-31   >

Comic #3900

1 Innkeeper's wife: My husband's dead! What am I going to do now? How can I serve stew without an inn? What will I do with these camels?
2 Lambert: We'll take the camels. We can take them home, across the Badlands of Skrung, to the Vast Stone Desert.
3 Innkeeper's wife: You'll buy my camels?
4 Lambert: Now hold on just a second.
4 Mordekai: Yeah, same way we'll buy her silver.

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The innkeeper's wife wears the same style of clothing as her late lamented husband. This is pretty much my go-to peasant costume.

When I originally made this comic, I didn't have any LEGO camels. Instead I improvised by using a LEGO version of a kaadu from the Gungan Patrol LEGO Star Wars set.

After finishing the comic, I thought I'll probably be using camels again in the future, so I should get some. So I bought a couple from a seller on BrickLink. They arrived in time for making the very next batch of comics, so I was pretty happy. Except that now this strip with the kaadu was inconsistent with the next strip with the camels.

So I went back and reshot the photos for this strip using my new camels. But so you can see what it looked like before I reshot the photos, here's the original version:

Original version of comic with kaadu instead of camel

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