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<   No. 3836   2018-03-20   >

Comic #3836

1 Terry: So let me recap: To reassemble Steve, we're breaking into the Cavendish Laboratory to steal fissile material to build a nuclear bomb.
2 Simon: Yes!
3 {beat}
4 Jane Goodall: {walking off} Yeah, I'm just going to go sit in a bar and have a whisky or three while you lot do that.

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Jane Goodall isn't known for her intelligence for nothing.

While we had some radioactive sources that lived in lead boxes at the Physics Department of my university, I doubt there would have been enough of the right sort of materials to build a bomb.

On the other hand, I believe there was a laser that could have drilled a hole right through the wall of the lab, three lecture theatres, the external wall of the building, the computer science department next door, the university library, the maths department, and then on to wreak havoc across the city beyond.

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