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<   No. 3832   2018-03-13   >

Comic #3832

1 Jamie: Didn't you install CO2 scrubbers?
1 Adam: Of course! But the filters will saturate.
2 Jamie: Did you stock spare filters?
2 Adam: Yeah, but they're square. They won't fit into the round sockets of the current filters.
3 Jamie: Okay. We rip the cover off the submarine owner's manual, duct tape it to some tubes, and use that to connect the filters to the sockets.
3 Adam: Owner's manual?
4 Jamie: Ballast and CO2 filters I can understand, but you built a submarine and didn't include an owner's manual? How irresponsible are you?!!

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Many things are forgivable, but not having an owner's manual is a sin beyond compare.

Do you remember back when you used to buy a computer or electronic gadget, it came with an owner's manual, so you could learn all the things you could do with it? Nowadays the manufacturers seem to think it's somehow better not to supply any documentation and just let you figure it out by yourself.

The result is that nearly everyone is carrying around a phone in their pocket and doesn't know about 90% or more if its features or how to use them. Things you can do with it that would save you significant time or effort are only learnt if you happen to somehow stumble across them somehow. We actually have articles on the Internet about "20 tips for using your phone", which - sure, tech-heads might know some or most of them - but average users don't know any of them.

How did we get to this??

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