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<   No. 3829   2018-03-08   >

Comic #3829

1 Lambert: Wait, I want to know more about this stew!
2 Alvissa: Don't you want to know what sort of trials and tribulations await us in the next few weeks of travel?
3 Lambert: Not really.
4 Mordekai: Yeah, he prefers to know what sort of trials and tribulations await us in the next few hours of digestion.

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I'm currently rereading The Lord of the Rings. I kind of wish Tolkien spent as much time describing the stew in the Prancing Pony as he spends describing the trees and flowers of The Shire or the grass of Rohan.

Looking at this strip again now as I write this, in hindsight I've done a thing which I normally try to avoid. You need the context form the previous strip to fully understand what Alvissa is talking about. When I'm writing strips, I usually make a conscious effort to include enough context in the dialogue that you don't need to remember the previous strip to follow the thread of the conversation. Looks like I did this one in a bit of a hurry (indeed I did - I was racing to make a batch of strips to buffer over an overseas business trip) and neglected my usual care.

Sorry about that. But at least you can hit the "Previous" in Fantasy theme navigation link and check the previous strip.

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