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<   No. 382   2004-02-11   >

Comic #382

1 [caption]: A horse is a horse, of course, of course./And no one goes mad from a horse, of course./That is, of course, unless the horse is the squamous C-thul-Ed./Go right to the source and see the horse./Lose d20 SAN - it's par for the course./You can't resist his evil force./Obey C-thul-Ed!/People chittery-chat and scream and cry their lives away./But C-thul-Ed will never speak 'til the final mad'ning day!/A horse is a horse, of course, of course./And this one will gibber 'til you're a corpse./You never heard of a squamous horse?/Well listen to this:
2 CthulEd: {Cthulhu's head, horse's behind} R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

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This unspeakable evil perpetrated on you courtesy of Steven Marsh, editor of Pyramid magazine.

Have I mentioned Pyramid runs all-new Irregular Webcomic! every two weeks, that you don't get to see here? For only US$20 a year - that's less than 77 cents a comic! Oh, you also happen to get new articles on role-playing and other games every week, gaming industry insider news, more comics by some amateur called John Kovalic, a regular feature column by gaming industry wannabe Kenneth Hite, campaign columns by the Atomic Sock Monkey, and access to years and years of archives - including a stack of Irregular Webcomic! you haven't seen yet! (Unless you're already a subscriber.)

Best of all, there's subscriber forums, where you get to tell Steven Marsh just how evil he is.

You can't resist his evil force! Obey C-thul-Ed!

2013-01-17 Rerun commentary: Pyramid has since restructured into a monthly PDF magazine and is still going strong. It no longer runs new Irregular Webcomic! strips though. In the end, I did about 100 extra strips which can still only be seen by subscribing to Pyramid and checking out the back-issue archives cannot be seen any more since Pyramid removed back-archive access. I really should get on to Steve Jackson about getting permission to republish them on my site...

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