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<   No. 381   2004-02-10   >

Comic #381

1 Ñ: So find out who's been toppling those rockets and what Strangways knew about it. Good luck.
1 Stud: Thank you, sir.
2 Ñ: Oh, 0x0A... Just leave the Beretta, would you?
3 Ñ: And the chair... {to Stud, holding the chair}
4 Ñ: {sitting on the floor} And my desk... {to Stud, who is walking out the door with the chair, desk, and probably Beretta}

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If you're not following this theme so far, you really need to go see Dr. No.

2013-01-16 Rerun commentary: There'd been several strips in this theme in rapid-fire fashion up to now, but there's a bit of a break following this one, while James Stud flies to Jamaica.

I like the absurdity here of Stud leaving Ñ's office and sneakily trying to take not only his old Beretta with him as in the film, but also his chair and Ñ's desk.

And I'll reiterate the comment above. If you've never seen Dr. No, I recommend finding yourself a copy and watching it. I think it's a great film, but even if you disagree you'll find that having watched it will make the rerun of this theme a lot more fun.

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