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<   No. 3819   2018-02-19   >

Comic #3819

1 Monty: We found the Artognou Stone over there, and the Siege Perilous over here. We should excavate the grid squares in between.
2 Monty: We might find an old culvert or sewer or something else equally fascinating.
2 Prof. Jones: I'm going to dig over here!
3 Monty: Dad! This is archaeology! You need to be systematic! You can't just dig wherever and expect to find anything worthwhile!
4 Prof. Jones: Oho! A shield! Look at the workmanship! Late 5th century!

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I remember discovering the British TV show Time Team while surfing the documentary channels one day.

"Woo!," I thought, "A documentary show about real archaeology digs! And hosted by Tony Robinson, no less! This will be fascinating!"

And indeed it is fascinating.

However, I was hoping for them to find vast hoards of Anglo-Saxon gold or Roman statues or Viking longships full of weapons and armour. You know, the cool stuff.

Anyway, they'd be digging away and Tony Robinson would be explaining that this site used to be some farm in the 3rd century or something, because a local had stumbled across some old pig bones, leading to a full-blown excavation. And then one of the digging team would jump up all excited and start yelling, and everyone would run over. And the camera would race across the field with first-person non-steadicam bouncing and point into the carefully laid out squares gridded with string, where we'd see a knot of students and supervisors bubbling frantically. And Tony would descend into the pit and ask, "Well, what have we found?"

And the senior archaeologist would say, "This is really exciting! It appears to be a flagstone, of the sort that was used to line sewers! Or maybe it's just a random stone... we'll keep digging and if we find a second one, then things will get really interesting!!"

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