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<   No. 3762   2017-11-10   >

Comic #3762

1 Steve: Hmm. Here I am, smaller than an ant.
2 Steve: I just need to find the tiny Cthulhu.
3 Steve: But... ants are supposed to be incredibly strong for their size!
4 Steve: A bit of wrestling before I look for Cthulhu won't hurt!

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I originally photographed Steve on a green LEGO baseplate, with another green baseplate positioned vertically behind him:

Steve on green baseplate

Then when putting this strip together, I wondered if maybe I could use Photoshop magic to make the grass look a bit more realistic. I searched through my photos (using the search term "grass") and found this picture of a masked lapwing (Vanellus miles) that I took a few years ago, in a park not far from where I live:

Berry Island Lapwing

A bit of Photoshop magic later, and you have the strip you see above. Very keen-eyed readers might be able to spot some of the same blades of grass in the original photo and the comic panels.

While performing this Photoshop magic, one of the intermediate steps looked something a bit like this:

Steve with lapwing

At the very moment when this was on my computer screen, my wife happened to walk past...

"Ohhh noooo.... What is Steve up to now??"

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