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<   No. 3697   2017-07-20   >

Comic #3697

1 Mordekai: Let's run through the scenarios. Alvissa went to gather more firewood, and got lost.
1 Lambert: She has elvish direction sense!
2 Mordekai: She heard some game animals and went off to capture them.
2 Lambert: She's vegetarian!
3 Mordekai: She scouted the area and fell into some quicksand and was pulled under.
3 Lambert: We're in a forest, not a jungle! And quicksand doesn't do that!
4 Dwalin: She got fed up wi' us and abandoned us to oor fates in thu wulderness. {translation: She got fed up with us and abandoned us to our fates in the wilderness.}
4 Lambert: We're doomed!

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Alvissa's food preferences have, as far as I can tell, come up only once before, and haven't been stated as firmly as Lambert's assertion here. (Whether Lambert is technically correct or not is another question.)

Not that true medieval society had the word "vegetarian". The word was only coined in the mid 19th century.

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