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<   No. 3644   2017-04-18   >

Comic #3644

1 Jamie: Lake monsters have long been elusive.
2 Jamie: No rigorous and thorough scientific expedition anywhere in the world has ever produced good evidence for their existence.
3 {beat}
4 Adam: Well we should have a better chance, then!

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Thanks to Heather for the photos of Loch Ness and Urquhart Castle, one of which is used as the background here. I no longer have to repurpose my own photos of wholly different lakes. (Or castles, for that matter.)

Oh, and I've solved the aforementioned mystery of the non-horizontal horizon line of the lake. I'm pointing the camera at the screen from an angle to one side, not straight on. Simple perspective geometry then renders parallel lines on the screen as converging lines on the camera sensor. Honestly, I really should have realised that earlier. In three dimensions, the lake horizon line and the edge of the green LEGO baseplate that Adam and Jamie are standing on are parallel, but you can see here that they appear to converge when photographed from this angle, with the camera off to the right side and angled to the left. It's exactly the same reason why parallel railway tracks appear to converge in the distance.

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