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<   No. 3622   2017-03-10   >

Comic #3622

1 Lambert: It's times like this, when we're about to be consumed in a gout of flame that I wish I could remember all the wise words of my Uncle Bilbert.
2 Lambert: Also of his wife Elsaberta, my grandfather Willbert, other grandfather Dickbert and his brother Harrybert.
3 Lambert: And their parents Tombert and Ednaberta.
3 Mordekai: Why all them?
4 Lambert: They always offered useful advice. They're the seven hobbits of highly successful people.

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While writing this strip I had to go back through all of the previous mentions of Lambert's extended family to make sure the family tree was consistent. My initial attempt gave him three different grandfathers, which is a bit too many even for a world with magic.

So yes, I now have an official diagram of Lambert's family tree, or at least as much of it as can be gleaned from the comics. Maybe I'll save it as a special feature for the second Fantasy print book.

EDIT: I was talking about strictly biological grandfathers (ones you inherit genetic material from), not adoptive or by-marriage step-grandfathers. Although I perhaps was too sweeping in my statement that this applies "even for a world with magic".

Even without magic you could conceivably* have a situation where you are genetically engineered from a donor egg cell with mitochondrial DNA from one mother, but the nuclear DNA from a second mother. Then your father's father, plus the two fathers of both your mothers would perhaps qualify as biological grandfathers. And if you go for wholesale gene splicing, you could inherit DNA from hundreds of people.

However, I do contend that none of this sort of thing ever happened in Lambert's family.

* Pun intended.

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