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<   No. 3613   2017-02-23   >

Comic #3613

1 Prof. Jones: Who else knows about these barrow wights?
2 Monty: Well, I read William Morris when I was a boy. John Ronald and I used to dig through his works for ideas.
3 Monty: We play-acted that we were brave knights going on quests and slaying all sorts of evil monsters.
4 Minnesota Jones: I was offered a knighthood, but the only evil thing I ever slayed was a particularly nasty chicken tikka in Portsmouth.

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Historically, it seems that aspects of Indian cuisine were imported to England early in the 19th century, but Indian restaurants and curry houses only really took off after the opening of Veeraswamy in 1926, and then flourished during the 1940s.

So Minnesota Jones could well have had chicken tikka in the correct period. The popular variant dish, chicken tikka masala, differentiated by the addition of a creamy sauce, is a much more recent invention, with a history traceable back only as far as the 1970s. What's more, it was apparently invented in Glasgow.

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