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<   No. 3605   2017-02-09   >

Comic #3605

1 Mercutio: So you reckon you should play the time-travelling writer in your screenplay?
2 Shakespeare: Can you think of anyone more qualified?
3 Mercutio: And do you have any ideas for who should play his old aunt?
4 Shakespeare: I have a wig and an old floral dress that should fit you.

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I think I've finally managed to get the lighting somewhat reasonably balanced between the foreground set and the background visible through the windows. If you look at earlier strips in this theme, you'll see the background is often overexposed, and there's a nasty colour cast difference between the background and foreground, which I tried to correct in Photoshop after shooting, but it didn't always turn out well.

I think the background could still use a little less red, or possibly more green and blue, so I'll probably keep tweaking it in the future.

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