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<   No. 3526   2016-09-15   >

Comic #3526

1 Ophelia: Point one: We don't need investors, since Mercutio is funding our initial phase of operation.
2 Ophelia: Point two: We need film gear.
3 Ophelia: Point three: We need a film script.
4 Mercutio: Point four.
4 Ophelia: Yes?
4 Mercutio: We need more chocolate biscuits for the tea breaks.

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I'm hoping "chocolate biscuits" is understandable enough for American English users. I know "biscuit" there usually means something entirely different.

Just to be clear: These are all biscuits. None of them are "cookies".

(Image is Creative Commons Attribution by Wikimedia Commons user Dezidor.)

These are chocolate biscuits. (Specifically, Tim Tams.) They are not cookies.

(Image is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike by Wikimedia Commons user Bilby.)

These are all biscuits. Additionally, the chocolate-chip ones in the top left corner are also cookies, but none of the other ones are.

(Image is Public Domain, from Wikimedia Commons.)

And these are all biscuits of the subtype known as cookies: Cookies and bicycle
(Image by me. Okay, I know the thing outside the window is a bicycle, which is neither a biscuit nor a cookie.)

Got it? :-)

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