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<   No. 352   2004-01-12   >

Comic #352

1 Stormtrooper: Lord Vader, we've discovered where the old Jedi Master hid your son.
2 Darth Vader: Of all the backwater worlds, nondescript wilderness refuges, diabolically isolated sanctuaries, and devious boltholes in the entire galaxy, where did that cunning devil conceal him?
3 Stormtrooper: He was living on your home planet, with your stepbrother!
4 Darth Vader: Fiendish, Obi-Wan!

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2012-12-13 Rerun commentary: This strip shows the difficulty in shooting photos containing large areas of black (Vader) and large areas of white (the troopers). It's hard to show detail in the black objects without blowing out the highlights and overexposing the white objects, and hard to show detail in the white objects without underexposing the black objects. Our eyes have a much greater ability to simultaneously see details in dark shadows and bright highlights than modern camera sensors do.

The technical term for this range of brightnesses that can be distinguished before losing details is dynamic range. We say that our eyes have a larger dynamic range than camera sensors.

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