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<   No. 3487   2016-05-01   >

Comic #3487

1 Prof. Jones: This stone Junior tripped over has some inscription on it.
2 Prof. Jones: "Patern-" the stone is broken there... "coli avi ficit Artognou". Then "col", probably "coli", and "ficit" again.
3 Minnesota Jones: Latin. "Artognou, descendant of Paternus Colus made this." Artognou is a form of the Breton Artnou, cognate of Arthur.
4 Prof. Jones: "Arthur built this!" In Tintagel Castle!! You know what this means?!
4 Monty: I'll never hear the end of it?

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I would have liked to have shown Monty getting up on one knee as another intermediate phase between lying flat on his face and standing, but minifigures aren't exactly ideal for that.

I also just noticed what looks like a dodgy bit of edge sharpening or background compositing on the right side of Minnesota Jones's pith helmet in panel 1. But looking at the same area in panels 3-4, it becomes clear that the bright line which follows exactly the contour of the pith helmet is in fact a completely unrelated line, tracing the left edge of a window hole, in the background image!

I shouldn't have been so surprised, since I didn't composite the background. I shot the images of the figures standing in front of my computer screen, which was displaying the photo of Tintagel behind them.

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