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<   No. 346   2004-01-06   >

Comic #346

1 Kyros: Draak is your bodyguard, right? Do you pay him in gold?
1 Draak: Draak not need gold.
2 Kyros: So how do you pay him?
2 Lambert: His tribe is fighting a long war, and they're short on armour. I pay him in mail.
3 Kyros: Doesn't that get expensive?
3 Lambert: Not really...
4 Lambert: ... he works for scale.

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2012-12-06 Rerun commentary: "Working for scale" is a term used to refer primarily to actors or other performers doing work for the minimum wage specified by one of the relevant American unions, such as the Screen Actors Guild.

And "mail" refers to the type of armour.

Scale is also a type of armour, sometimes referred to as "scale mail", particularly by people familiar with Dungeons & Dragons, in early editions of which it was listed as such.

Yes, it's a sleazy anachronistic pun that relies on a D&D misnomer for a type of armour that nobody but D&D players and medieval enthusiasts have heard about. I've done worse.

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