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<   No. 3456   2016-01-14   >

Comic #3456

1 Steve: I've downloaded these plans for a shrink ray from the Internet. Now we just have to build it!
2 Terry: That's never going to work.
3 Steve: No, they're genuine plans! I paid $1000 for them! If it was some scam they wouldn't be charging that much!
4 Jane Goodall: Excuse me, I have some things to upload to my web site...

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If you're running a scam, you want to make sure your pricing is such that people won't suspect it's a scam.

This can mean making the cost low enough that people's suspicions aren't raised in the first place. Or it can mean making the cost ludicrously high that people's suspicions are raised, but they then conclude that no scam would be so blatant as to require such a ridiculously high buy-in cost, so therefore it must be real.

Or it can mean making the cost roughly in line with expectations of what it would be if the product or service offered was real.

P.T. Barnum would have a had an absolute field day with the Internet. In lieu of Barnum, we have the next best thing: Dame Jane Goodall.

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