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<   No. 3427   2015-10-04   >

Comic #3427

1 Mercutio: Working hard on the proposal, Will?
1 Shakespeare: Yes. I'm not sure how to work all this information in, though.
2 Shakespeare: Neuroscience, Bitcoins, charcoal drawing, motorcycles.
2 Mercutio: That... doesn't sound like Tolkien.
3 Shakespeare: Oh! No. Apparently this woman enjoyed reading my fan-fics online, and got her boyfriend into them too.
4 Shakespeare: Now he's asked me to write a proposal into a story! Tell me what you think:
4 Mercutio: What sort of nerd-
5 Hermione: {handing over a scroll} You have no idea how hard it was to get him to stop writing jokes and do something serious for once.
6 Mark: Thank you, Hermione!
7 Scroll: Dearest Meenakshi, In our first year at Hogwarts you introduced me to George Weasley and his Irregular Wizardcomic. Sharing its enjoyment over the years has helped bring us to this point, where I have enlisted the aid of Weasley to express my deepest wish. Nothing would delight me more than if you agreed to marry me. Yours in anticipation, Mark. P.S. If I were you, I'd look for someone with an interest in more money than just "bits of coins" - whatever they are. - George.
8 Hermione: I'd cut that last bit off, if I were you, Mark.
9 Shakespeare: Well?
10 {beat}
11 Mercutio: For some reason that just seems to work on so many levels.

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Yes, this is what it looks like.

I hope that congratulations will very soon be in order.

UPDATE: She said yes! Meenakshi and Mark are now officially engaged. (They even said they may come to Australia for the wedding!) They viewed the comic together during a day out at the aquarium. Check out the ring!


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