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<   No. 3191   2011-10-22   >

Comic #3191

1 Draak: Draak have dull old mum's mum's son too, you know.
2 Draak: 'Cos we cold bloods, his tales drag on.
3 Draak: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
4 {beat}

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Guest week continues into its ninth day with a strip by Paul Gadzikowski of Arthur, King of Time and Space.

AKoTaS was one of the moderately early webcomics I discovered not long after starting my own, and I find the premise fascinating and original. So I was very happy when Paul answered my request for a guest strip, even though his comic is currently on a scheduled hiatus until 15 December (though he continues to post new sketch material daily - it's a habit that's hard to get out of when you've been doing it since 2004!).

AKoTaS is the story of King Arthur and his usual gang of associated characters: Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, Morgan, etc. Only when Arthur pulled the sword from the stone, it released magical energies far beyond the ken of mere mortals, splintering all of the characters into multiple time periods. The characters now exist simultaneously in (a) 5th century Britain, where Arthur is the High King of Britain and things might be as you may reasonably expect them, with a twist or two thrown in; (b) the far future(TM) in which Arthur is the High King of all British Space and commander of the starship Excalibur during the decline of the Roman interstellar empire; and (c) the present day, in which Arthur is CEO of Excalicorp, largest company in the world. Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds!

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