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<   No. 3188   2011-10-19   >

Comic #3188

1 SFX: cock-a-doodle-doo cock-a-doodle-doo
1 Jane Goodall: Here chicken chicken chicken, here chicken chicken chicken. I swear if I find out who brought that damn bird into the camp I'll brain him.
2 {Jane leaves; an ape fiddles with a hidden control panel}
2 SFX: whirr whirr whirr
2 SFX: click click
3 Chimp: {on view screen} Ah, Ape, good. It appears there is trouble brewing in your sector. Some of our field agents have disappeared and there have been reports of one of Inferno's cyborgs around. Find the missing agents and deal with the cyborg. Good luck Ape.
3 Ape: No problem Sir. And I might suggest you change the incoming message signal. It's driving Jane quite bonkers.
3 Chimp: Very well, no more roosters.
4 Caption: Watch out Inferno, Agent Ape is coming for you.
5 Caption: Agent Ape, coming soon to a deranged mind near you.

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Trevor Smith creates Cafe Gruesome, a comic about the sort of stuff that happens in your average family restaurant. Only its location is a bit unusual - Cafe Gruesome enjoys a prime location deep within your local fantasy dungeon, serving refreshments to beleagured adventurers and monsters who just need a break from all the mindless combat and stealing treasure off one another! Cafe Gruesome updates on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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