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<   No. 3187   2011-10-18   >

Comic #3187

1 Caption: The following is based* on real events.
2 Lich: I teleport us back to the inn. But I want to make sure we don't 'port in on top of someone, so I'll have us appear ten feet off the ground.
3 Rogueish DM: Okay. Except unlike you, the Blackguard doesn't have a ring of feather fall on him, so he fals like a boulder and lands on a guy coming out of the inn and takes some fall damage.
4 Blackguard: Goddammit! You did that on purpose!
5 Lich: Oh, don't be a baby. You have a hundred and ninety hit points and you can self-heal with Lay on Hands. You can take 1d6.
6 Blackguard: That's it. I cast shatter on the Lich.
7 Goblin: That only affects nonmagical objects, dumbass.
8 Blackguard: Just because his character is undead doesn't mean that each of his individual bones is a magical item. And the rules specifically say he's considered an object for fortitude saves.
9 Rogueish DM: Wait, you are? Where did you read that?
10 Lich: I don't freaking remember, we have like eighty source books!
11 Goblin: Make a call, DM. Would shatter technically affect him or not?
12 Rogueish DM: There's some kind of weight limit for that spell, right?
13 Blackguard: For me, I can shatter one object up to a hundred pounds, or every object ten pounds or less within a 10-foot diameter. So is he considered one object or multiple?
14 Rogueish DM: Okay. First we need to find out the average weight of a human skeleton. I'll get on google. And someone look up in the monster manual whether a lich is considered just undead, or some kind of magical construct thingie.
15 Caption: They then proceeded to look it up.
15 Caption: Don't let this happen to your gaming group. Friends don't let friends be rules lawyers.
15 Caption: * very loosely, anyway

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Today's strip is by Dave Rapp, author of Brickworld Saga. The Saga is a saga indeed: a long running story comic which began in 2007 and updates three times a week. The heroes live on Brickworld, a world much like Earth, except it's made of LEGO bricks, and is populated by undead, ninjas, cyborgs, pirates, robots, and more - all of them out to prevent the heroes from saving the planet! (Actually, I guess it's not much like Earth at all...)

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