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<   No. 3160   2011-09-21   >

Comic #3160

1 SFX: Flash!
2 Long Tom: Arrrr! Where be we?
2 Wendy: 'Tis the Spanish Main, cap'n! Thar be a galleon on the horizon! We be back in our own time!
3 Long Tom: Arrr! These be the happiest days of my life. Like that break in the battle was just part, in the wretched life of a lonely heart.
4 Long Tom: Now we're back on our ship.
4 Wendy & Dirque: Arrrr!!!
4 Long Tom: Oh, back on the Main, gang!

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I gotta have some of your attention, give it to me.

This strip marks a significant milestone in Irregular Webcomic!

One of my greatest comic inspirations is Calvin and Hobbes, as I've stated before, at strip #1580. I stated it there because that marked the halfway point to equalling the number of strips that Bill Watterson produced. Here we are, another 1580 strips on, and this strip matches the 3160 in the entire run of Calvin and Hobbes.

I suspect my total output has provided only a fraction of the talent and laughs that Watterson produced. It's certainly provided only a fraction of the money. :-)

Excuse me while I tick an achievement off my list.

'Twas the talk of the town. Don't get me wrong: I'll stand by you.

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