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<   No. 3144   2011-09-05   >

Comic #3144

1 Winston Churchill: That last speech you wrote and Miss Ophelia here recorded on film has roused our lads to repel the Nazi menace!
2 Winston Churchill: We took out almost their entire fleet! No more will zeppelins drop bombs on London!
3 Winston Churchill: And I hear you, Mr Mercutio, helped the chaps at Bletchley Park to crack the German Enigma code! Bravo!
4 Winston Churchill: We'll soon retake France and be marching across Europe to victory! All because of you brave three! Our future history is assured!

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Fifty years from now, what's happening in the world right now will be history. As in stuff that nobody in the present gives much thought to in their everyday lives, and that only comes up specifically in discussions about stuff that happened a long time ago.

We all live through history.

Make the most of it.

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