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<   No. 314   2003-12-05   >

Comic #314

1 Haken: Ach! Erwin! A fire! Come quick!
2 Erwin: Fear not, Herr Kolonel! I will deal with die fire! {extinguishing the fire with a hearty splash}
3 Haken: {standing over the smoking embers} Erwin... Where did you get that container of liquid?
3 Erwin: On die pedestal labelled "Hitler's Brain in a Jar," why? Oh... I see... Um...
4 Erwin: You could say I fought fire with Führer!
4 Haken: Erwin!
4 Erwin: Sorry, Herr Kolonel.

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As you can probably tell, this is a special Irregular Webcomic!. In fact, it's part of a comic exchange between myself and Andy Weir, the amazing and talented author of Casey and Andy. Andy made this comic, and I made this strip, which showed on his site the same day as this one appeared here.

I've been a fan of Casey and Andy since it began, and it's one of the few strips I read regularly.

So go check it out!

2012-10-30 Rerun commentary: Woo! Special strip swap thingy!

Well, all I can say about today's strip is that Andy Weir came up with the script and drew the art - I had no input into it at all (other than providing the characters and suggesting to Andy that we do one of those wacky strip swap things). I'm happy he came up with a sleazy pun as the gag here, though.

What I can talk more about is the Casey and Andy strip that I made in return, which you can see at the above-linked page. Obviously I needed to make LEGO representations of the characters of Casey, Andy, and Quantum Cop. The latter two were pretty easy, but Casey's most recognisable feature is his bizarre hairstyle. I couldn't simply use a normal LEGO minifig hair piece. So I went out and bought some plasticine, and modelled the hair out of that. It was very fiddly and tricky to do, and the spike of hair was soft and prone to damage, as you can see from the photo in the last panel, where the tip of the spike has been bent by an accidental brush with my hands as I repositioned the figures.

Casey and Andy is that very rare thing in the webcomics world - a completed webcomic. Andy Weir actually wrapped up his storyline and wrote a conclusion to the comic, after 666 strips. If you've never read it before, I highly recommend starting at strip 1 and working your way through...

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