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<   No. 3136   2011-08-28   >

Comic #3136

1 {scene: in the back of a truck driving through northern Germany}
1 Prof. Jones: So Pop, what do you think about Junior's reaction to Dr Smith and Erwin being married?
2 Minnesota Jones: The boy is flustered. Did you see that throbbing vein on the side of his head when he found out?
3 Prof. Jones: Yes. It keeps reappearing whenever he talks to her.
4 Minnesota Jones: That's trouble, mark my words. Montana Jones and the temple of doom.

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Professor North Dakota Jones and Schliemannian Chair Minnesota Jones in the back of the truck here play an important supporting role in the current storyline.

They're riders of the lust arc.

And on that note...

I'd like to mention that there are several other very talented authors making comics using Lego bricks. You may remember some of them from the special collaborative bonus comic we put together for Christmas, 2008. That event later led to the formation of the Brick Comic Network - a community for webcomic authors who use Lego bricks in their work, and readers who enjoy their comics.

People familiar with the BCN will probably know that I have not been actively involved with it for some years now. I hung out there for a while after it formed, but soon drifted away. The reason for that was purely lack of time on my part - in the past few years I've drifted away from many online communities for that reason. All of the BCN webcomic authors I've interacted with are very cool and talented, and deserve wider recognition for their work.

If you enjoy my comics, and particularly the Lego brick aspect of them, head over to the BCN and check out the offerings of some of the member authors there. I have some of my own favourites, but I'll avoid singling anyone out, because I think it's more fun to discover them by yourself and find the ones you enjoy enough to start following.

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