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<   No. 300   2003-11-21   >

Comic #300

1 Draak: Oops... 'Scuse Draak. <BUUURP!> {staring at the collapsed patrons of the bar, who were overcome}

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Wow, 300 strips. Who'd have thought it'd last this long! Thanks to BobP for the idea for this one.

2012-10-13 Rerun commentary: This is a nice device - using a single long shot and dividing it with borders into multiple comic panels, giving an effect similar to a long panning shot in a film.

Many elements of comic production are really very similar to the techniques of film production. If you want to do either one, it pays to study the other. Much of the visual vocabulary, style, and conventions carry across or have good analogues in the other medium. And thinking about ways to convey the same sense of cinematography/comicography from one medium to the other can inspire creative ways to portray things.

I tried to achieve cinematic effects a fair bit in the comic over the years, though ended up doing it less frequently than I would have liked, due to limited design and production time. In an ideal world, I would have been making a living off IWC! and could have dedicated a few hours to every strip, rather than the average one hour or so that each strip took to produce.

And it would have been epic.

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