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<   No. 2879   2010-12-14   >

Comic #2879

1 Hitler's Brain: When we win die war, we will export our superior Nazi culture to die entire world!
2 Hitler's Brain: Everyone will eat die traditional German foods named for their places of origin!
3 Hitler's Brain: Ja, die whole world will soon be eating die Hamburgers und die Frankfurters!
4 Monty: You fiend!!

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Interestingly, the sausage known in the US as a frankfurter is known as a frankfurt in Australia.

I've also just discovered that, at least according to Wikipedia, a hot dog is, in the US, apparently, just the sausage. The article says that:

A hot dog (frankfurter, wiener) is a moist sausage of soft, even texture and flavor [...]. Hot dogs are most often served hot in hot dog buns.
Well, you learn something every day! The usage I'm familiar with is that "hot dog" refers to the combination of the sausage in the bun - the sausage by itself is not a "hot dog", but rather a frankfurt. I believe that's the common usage here in Australia.

In fact, I'm genuinely surprised that anyone refers to the sausage alone as a "hot dog", and that a hot dog is served in a bun. To my mind that's analogous to saying that a slice of cheese is a "sandwich", and that a "sandwich" is generally served between two slices of bread.

I'm familiar with many common American usages, but this one just took me by surprise. I'm amazed I'd never noticed it before.

UPDATE: Whew! This one generated a mountain of e-mail. Thanks to all who wrote. The brief summary is:

UPDATE 2: Now with the Europeans waking up, there are more floods of e-mail! More fun facts you never suspected:

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