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<   No. 278   2003-10-30   >

Comic #278

1 Monty: How are we going to get out of here, dad?
1 Prof. Jones: Well, we have to follow the correct protocols.
2 Monty: Protocols?
2 Prof. Jones: From the Treaty of Versailles. Rules laid down for escaping Nazi cells.
3 Monty: Rules?!
3 Prof. Jones: Oh yes. The protocol in question is discussed in a document...
4 Prof. Jones: ... titled "Release from Captivity" or RFC-1182.

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Explanation for non-computer-geeks:
So-called RFCs ("Request For Comments") are documents issued to provide technical and organisational notes on the Internet, outlining various protocols, procedures, etc.

Explanation for computer geeks:
RFC 1182 was actually never issued.

Apportionment of blame:
This idea generated by bfudlmint.

2012-09-18 Rerun commentary: Wow, that RFC Editor site is a real old-style World Wide Web home page. That's what the Internet used to look like ten years ago, folks!

I bet C-3PO has a full list of RFCs in his memory. He is, after all, a protocol droid.

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