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<   No. 2677   2010-05-26   >

Comic #2677

1 {scene: The inside of Isaac Newton's blue box time machine}
1 Isaac Newton: First, we rescue Galileo from being burnt at the stake for heresy.
2 Edmond Halley: But everyone knows the Catholic Church executed him in 1633! We shall be changing history!
3 Isaac Newton: Or... perhaps we shall be restoring history to the way it is meant to be!
4 Edmond Halley: By kidnapping someone in a time conveyance?
4 Isaac Newton: If we are to see further, it is by abducting giants.

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This is the open question whenever you go back in time and attempt to change history. Are you really changing it, or are you merely restoring it back to some earlier state from which it was originally changed to produce the history you remember?

I know I've struggled with this one.

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