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<   No. 264   2003-10-16   >

Comic #264

1 Good Haken: We need another plan then. When evil Haken takes me away for interrogation, I'll wrestle him to der death.
2 Monty: How do you know he'll interrogate you?
2 Good Haken: I know how he thinks, of course.
3 Prof. Jones: Do you think he'll get us some toast and marmalade? The good kind?
3 Monty: Dad! What's that got to do with anything?
4 Prof. Jones: Well, I don't want to get stuck into a worse jam...

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After strip #261, where I complained about the difficulty of shooting the characters through bars, Constantine Thomas suggested doing it this way, with the bars casting bars of shadow and light, but the camera placed within the cell. It looks much better, no?

2012-09-01 Rerun commentary: Okay, well that suspense didn't last very long. :-)

I really like this joke. It feels like "The good kind" is merely added to the end of Professor Jones's speech in panel 3 to indicate his quirky character. Because of course when you're in a Nazi prison cell and you are thinking about toast and marmalade, you'll naturally be thinking about the good kind of marmalade.

Which is of course Seville marmalade.

Ahem, and then this off-the-cuff piece of quirky pickiness forms the foundation for the left hook of a punchline that follows.

Sometimes I just really have to indulge in my own cleverness. And there's nothing wrong with that.

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