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<   No. 2639   2010-04-18   >

Comic #2639

1 {scene: The seedy dock areas of Rubilith Spaceport}
1 Shady Black Market Dealer: Okay. 2.4 million Rubilith dollars for your cargo.
2 Serron: Done!
2 Quercus: {leaving with Serron} I know we were carrying some sort of contraband, but what was it?
3 Serron: Completely undetectable performance enhancing drugs.
4 Shady Black Market Dealer: This deal should really turn around the Reds' zero-gee football season.

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I wonder if performance enhancing drugs - or other types of body modifications or enhancements - will ever become so undetectable that it becomes completely not worth it to try to stop athletes from using them.

I suspect not, because as the concealment technology grows, so too does the detection technology. It may fall behind for a bit, but in the end it will catch up again. Changing the body should leave some sort of trace behind, because it is a change from one state to another, after all.

But then again, there are probably limitless clever things you can do to foil detection strategies. Hmmm.

Basically, I have no real opinion on this.

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