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<   No. 2534   2010-01-03   >

Comic #2534

1 Isaac Newton: Let's see. If everything is relative and the speed of light is fixed, that implies that mass equals energy and space is curved...
2 Isaac Newton: And nothing may exceed the speed of light unless... Good Lord! I've discovered the secret of time travel!
3 Isaac Newton: But if this knowledge were to become public, it could destroy all of history.
4 Isaac Newton: I shall obfuscate it in alchemical symbology and write it in the margins of my copy of the Necronomicon!

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Wikipedia is sadly lacking in details of Isaac Newton's dabbling in the sanity-shredding realms of knowledge hinted at by the hideously blasphemous and infernal Necronomicon of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred.

2023-11-30 Rerun commentary: It would be very interesting to see Isaac Newton's reaction to Einsteinian relativity. I actually wonder how easy/difficult it would be for Isaac Newton to understand and accept Einstein's discoveries. Would he go, "Oh, yes, of course, that makes more sense!" or "Huh???" or "No, that can't possibly be right."

All we need is some time travel!

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