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<   No. 2531   2009-12-31   >

Comic #2531

1 {scene: In the sewers under the Russian consulate in Istanbul}
1 Kerim Bey: A present from your navy. Our friends were turned out while the Public Works Ministry conducted a survey.
2 Kerim Bey: The story was that the heavy traffic was shaking the foundations. By the time the place was declared safe, I had this installed.
3 Stud: Don't the Russians notice a periscope sticking up out of their floor?
4 Kerim Bey: We disguised it with seaweed.

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I always worried about this point in the movie. Quite evidently there's the top of a periscope sticking up somewhere where it has a decent view of the room inside the Russian consulate. Yet nobody seems to have ever noticed it. I presume it must be hidden inside a mousehole or something, but you'd think that regular cleaning and maintenance would notice and repair a mousehole.

So I dunno. I guess the Russians are just careless.

2023-11-27 Rerun commentary: I'm pretty pleased with that periscope. It's just a couple of well chosen Lego pieces put together and then suspended from above by some other pieces that are out of shot and attached to that baseplate so it kind of hovers there.

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