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<   No. 2413   2009-09-04   >

Comic #2413

1 Martian 1: Okay. We need to conduct Earth operations more carefully from now on.
2 Martian 1: We'll restrict ourselves to recon flights, mutilating cattle, and abducting people with no credibility for embarrassing probing experiments.
3 Martian 2: What about the psychics who will correctly divine our existence?
4 Martian 1: We'll feed them some rubbish about wanting to bring peace and universal harmony. Nobody will believe that.

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This could be played two different ways by the Martians.

A. The option of choice is to present a message of peace and universal harmony, in the knowledge that nobody in their right mind would believe such a thing, thus discrediting the only people who really have a direct insight into their existence - the psychics.

B. Present a message of peace and universal harmony, but shoot to kill.

(Honestly, I'm not trying to mention every single damn page in TV Tropes. It's just that when I do a tiny bit of research to find something to say in these annotations, they inevitably pop up. Quit writing so darn much interesting stuff about pop culture, guys!!)

2023-03-19 Rerun commentary: You may not believe me, but I actually had the idea for a pop culture wiki well before TV Tropes ever become a thing. Back in the early days of Wikipedia, they had a brainstorming thing where people could propose new wiki projects that the Wikimedia Foundation might want to work on. Some of these became things like Wiktionary, and Wikivoyage, and Wikiquote, and some of the other things they have now. Also at the time, many Wikipedia pages were plagued with increasingly long lists of "In popular culture" references. For example, you'd go to the Wikipedia page on... I dunno... tomatoes, and there'd be maybe 500 words about tomatoes as a plant and a vegetable, followed by a 4000-word list of every single time a tomato has ever been mentioned in a novel or TV show or movie. Because people who didn't know much about tomatoes, other than that they appeared once in their favourite anime series, loved to add that "fact" in when they saw the list. (To some extent, this is a still a problem with Wikipedia today, but it's been clamped down on a lot since the early days.)

Anyway, this brainstorming of new projects they had, I went to the bother of formally submitting a proposal to the Wikimedia Foundation to start up a "Wikiculture" encyclopedia, where people could list all of the TV and movie appearances of tomatoes, and whatever else. So there'd be a place for all these lists that were junking up Wikipedia.

Long story short, my proposal was rejected.

And then soon after TV Tropes came along and did pretty much what my idea was.

It just goes to show: Ideas are easy. You have to be the one who executes the idea to get any credit.

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