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<   No. 2379   2009-08-01   >

Comic #2379

1 Host: Our first contestant tonight is Mr N. F. Minister. Tell me, what does the N. F. stand for?
1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Nigerian Finance.
2 Host: You're a 419 scammer?
2 Nigerian Finance Minister: Uh, no, I'm just a humble slum dweller. Not that there are slums in Nigeria.
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: No relation to the real Nigerian Finance Minister whatsoever.
3 Host: I see. And what are you doing here?
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: I'm in need of a large sum of cash.
4 Host: Well that's a change of pace.

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With a cover story that good, how can he possibly fail?

2022-11-20 Rerun commentary: The term "419 scam" actually comes from section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code, which relates to fraud.

While looking this up, I found an interesting thing called Sakawa, which is a term for a fraudulent practice in Ghana, three countries west of Nigeria. Sakawa is a combination of Internet fraud and traditional West African spiritual rituals. The basic idea is that you initiate an online fraud scheme with some victim, and then you perform various rituals, potentially including sacrifices, to spiritually manipulate the victim into falling for the scam.

I guess... why not?

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