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<   No. 2336   2009-06-19   >

Comic #2336

1 Isaac Newton: Ah, Mr Halley, thank you for coming over.
1 Edmond Halley: I dropped everything as soon as I received word.
2 Isaac Newton: I have an amazing and wondrous new discovery to show you.
3 Edmond Halley: What sort of discovery, Mr Newton? Some incredible new insight? Something to revolutionise our understanding of the universe?
4 Isaac Newton: {holding up a cocktail glass} I call it a daiquiri!

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A daiquiri is a cocktail consisting of rum, lime juice, and sugar or some other sweet ingredient. According to conventional history, it was invented around 1905.

Interestingly enough, the basic daiquiri mixture is very similar to the concoction known as grog, which was served to sailors on board ship from about the mid-18th century. The mixture was was basically water (for hydration), mixed with rum to avoid stagnation of the water, plus lime or lemon juice to avoid scurvy, and some sugar to make the mixture palatable. This timing means that Isaac Newton could very well have been the original inventor!

2022-07-30 Rerun commentary: Newton was feeling sickly one day and went to consult his physician. The physician prescribed a concoction of extract of nuts from the genus Carya, rum, lime juice, and sugar.

Newton responded, "You want me to have a hickory daiquiri, doc?"

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