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<   No. 2332   2009-06-15   >

Comic #2332

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Do I look like a slum dweller?
2 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: Not exactly, Finance Minister.
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: Well I know nobody in Nigeria is really poor, so I'll just have to do the best I can.
4 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: Maybe if you removed the gold chain.
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: You think so?
4 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: And both Rolexes.

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I don't really understand the legendary mystique of the Rolex watch. They look kind of blocky and boring. Sure, I understand they cost a lot of money, which in itself is basically all you need to establish an item as a status symbol. And they apparently keep pretty good time, but then these days so does pretty much any $10 watch you can buy at the local megamall.

Seriously, who needs to know the time to better than a few seconds anyway? Don't answer that. There are people who need to know the time to better than a few seconds. You know who those people are? Professional astronomers. I know this because I was one at one time. But nobody ever offered me a Rolex. How many scientists do you see wearing Rolexes, huh? Those are the people who really need them. Not film stars, for whom "on time" means "no more than 3 hours late".

In fact, I think I'll start a campaign to give all professional scientists Rolexes.

2022-07-26 Rerun commentary: If I actually had a Rolex, I wouldn't wear it anyway. I haven't worn a watch for decades. I did at one point because I needed to know the time when I was out and about, and it was the only sensible option. As soon as I could, I ditched it, because I hated having a thing around my wrist.

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