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<   No. 2325   2009-06-08   >

Comic #2325

1 Martian 1: To weaken the Earthlings' resolve, we will release a scourge upon humanity.
2 Martian 1: Something to waste their time, sap their spirits, and cause endless arguments and discord!
3 Martian 2: Good idea. What sort of scourge?
4 Martian 1: I call it "Monopoly".

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I really dislike Monopoly.

2022-07-19 Rerun commentary: I later wrote about Monopoly at more length in the annotation to #2623, but let me relate another story here.

I know someone on Facebook who apparently still plays Monopoly. Once they wrote something about how they couldn't wait until their kid grew old enough to play Monopoly, because they looked forward to their kid getting angry and throwing temper tantrums at the game, the same way they did when they were a kid.

Hint: That is not a sign that this game that you played in your childhood is a good game to inflict on your own kids.

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