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<   No. 2322   2009-06-05   >

Comic #2322

1 [Caption]: Kristal Palas Hotel, Istanbul
1 Hotel manager: There's James Stud. Check him into room 32. When he finds the bugs and requests another room, give him the bridal suite.
2 {silent shot of hotel reception desk, with Stud walking away}
3 [SFX]: Riiing!
4 Receptionist: Front desk.
4 Stud: {over phone} This is room 32. I can't get the minibar open.

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I considered having a caption in the second panel: "5 minutes later". But then I thought maybe it was better to leave it unadorned and let readers realise for themselves that it must be after James Stud has checked in and is now walking up to his room. It seems obvious enough to me. But then of course I made the comic.

2022-07-16 Rerun commentary: The first panel describes what actually happens in the film when James Bond checks into the hotel in Istanbul. The hotel staff have very cleverly set up a room with more or less obvious bugs, which Bond duly discovers on a routine search of the room. He orders a new room, and they say that there are none available, unless he wants the bridal suite. So Bond takes that.

But it's all a ruse, because the enemy agents working in the hotel want Bond in the bridal suite, for the execution of their plan to follow...

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