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<   No. 2291   2009-05-05   >

Comic #2291

1 Alvissa: There's a Balrog behind you!
1 Kyros: Ha. Like I'm going to fall for that old gag.
2 Kyros: Just because I've completely exhausted my magic for the day, you think you can play a joke on old Kyros, eh?
3 {beat}
4 Kyros: Ha ha! Just kidding! The looks on your faces!
4 Kyros: I know there's a Balrog there.
4 Kyros: RUN! {they run}

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Everyone loves a joker.

2022-05-01 Rerun commentary: Exhausting all of your magic for the day was a thing that could happen in the first 3 editions of Dungeons & Dragons. Spellcasters had a set number of spells that they could cast before needing to sleep and rest to recharge.

The 4th edition rules changed that, by adding "at will" casting of cantrips, which are relatively low powered spells. Instead of being able to cast a handful of combat-relevant spells per day, spellcasters could now cast some spells as many times as they wanted. Typically these included minor combat spells, that could potentially do roughly the same damage every combat round as a fighting character attacking with a weapon. This at-will cantrip rule has carried over into the current 5th edition rules.

In one sense, it's good, because it gives wizards and other spellcasters something to do during the many rounds of combat during which fighting characters are swinging weapons, whereas previously they tended to cast a few spells and then sit back and wait for the fighters to finish the combat.

On the other hand, it reduces the difference between a warrior wading in with a sword and a wizard throwing a spell that does the same amount of damage every round.

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