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<   No. 2285   2009-04-29   >

Comic #2285

1 Governor: Wendy, this is Captain Ponsonby. A navy captain would make a fine catch for a governor's daughter...
2 Ponsonby: The pleasure is mine, m'lady.
2 Wendy: Oooh... You do a lot of sailing?
3 Ponsonby: Yes, yes I do.
4 Wendy: Tell me about how dashing and handsome the pirates are!

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One problem with LEGO minifigures is that there's no really satisfactory way to portray someone wearing a dress. There is a standard solution, as shown in this image of Professor McGonagall, which is to use a 2x2x2 slope brick as the legs. Well, you can't see the full effect there, so try this image, which shows another figure using the same technique. (And what better to wear when gutting a fish than a lovely dress?)

It looks kind of okay, but the problem is that a 2x2x2 slope is significantly taller than standard minifig legs. Which means if you have someone in a dress standing next to someone wearing trousers, the dress-wearer is always going to be noticeably taller. Compare the heights of the two figures in that second image.

So rather than make Wendy suddenly taller than her father, I just went with the legs here.

2022-04-10 Rerun commentary: It feels a bit weird that the Lego company hasn't designed a better solution for representing minifigures wearing dresses/skirts. A custom replacement leg piece moulded as a skirt with feet on the bottom would be awesome.

Hey Lego, are you listening?

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