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<   No. 2252   2009-03-27   >

Comic #2252

1 Kyros: All right, I've channelled enough mana.
2 Kyros: Stand back. I'm going to destroy the afterlife!
2 Alvissa: Stand back??
3 Ardaxar: Excuse me. I heard you were looking for the Great Drag...
4 [sound]: FWACKOOOM!

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I've had the Great Dragon Sage Ardaxar built and ready to photograph for the comic for years now. Literally. He's been sitting on my TV cabinet, taunting me, since at least 2005.

2022-02-06 Rerun commentary: Ah, remember TV cabinets? When televisions were enormous heavy cathode ray tube boxes?

Now my TV screen is something like 4 times bigger, and probably weighs one tenth as much. And it just sits on a low cabinet with some drawers in it for holding the Good Crockery.

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