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<   No. 2226   2009-03-01   >

Comic #2226

1 Shakespeare: You want me to write as I've never written before, weave a story so compelling, create characters so vivid and lifelike, that it becomes reality?
2 Hermione: Yes, Will! I know you can do it!
3 {beat}
4 Shakespeare: I'll need a computer.
4 Mercutio: I have my laptop.
4 Shakespeare: And access to MuggleNet and FictionAlley.
4 Mercutio: It has wireless.

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MuggleNet is possibly the largest and best-known Harry Potter fan site on the web, of course. And FictionAlley is one of the leading Harry Potter fan fiction sites. Actually there are an awful lot of these, many of them boasting some insane number of tens of thousands of fan-fics. I picked that one because it was the first one I became aware of.

2021-11-27 Rerun commentary: Wow. "It has wireless". That phrase has really dated. Now it'd be: "It has WiFi".

Or more likely, everyone would just assume it had WiFi and you wouldn't even need to say it.

Another thing that's dated: FictionAlley closed up shop in 2018, moving all content to the multi-genre fan fiction network Archive of Our Own.

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