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<   No. 2190   2009-01-24   >

Comic #2190

1 Steve: So, Cthulhu, you're from out of time and space, right?
2 Cthulhu: Fhtagn.
3 Steve: Any good dangerous creatures or entities around here?
4 {Cthulhu stares silently}

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It's not entirely clear exactly where Cthulhu comes from. Canonical references quote his origin variously as being "of the stars", "from cosmic infinity", and various phrases implying from outside the realms of our own space-time continuum.

Perhaps they're all true at once.

2021-07-24 Rerun commentary: Wow, I must have had all these minifigures set up in the crowd scene for some time. I have vague memories of setting it all up, doing a batch of comics, and then leaving it all out for a week and doing another batch the next weekend.

You'll notice that most of the figures are attached to the baseplate, so they're all standing facing the same direction. Having that many figures standing unattached to the studs would be a recipe for repeated disaster of epic proportions. It's bad enough when just two characters keep falling over in between taking photos.

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