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<   No. 219   2003-09-01   >

Comic #219

1 Male Telepath: [thinking] {with his massive head} Welcome to our planet!
1 Spanners: Hey, he's talking telepathically!
2 Female Telepath: [thinking] {while looking fabulous} Yes. All members of my species are psionic.
3 Iki Piki: Hmmm. Maybe you can answer something for me.
3 Male Telepath: [thinking] Sure.
4 Iki Piki: How come you psionics are all either beautiful or have enormous craniums? We never seem to see any ugly pin-headed psikers.

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Thanks to Roland Boshnack for pointing out this curious fact of science fiction.

And no, the miniature doesn't really look like that. The magic of digital manipulation made his head bigger.

2012-07-11 Rerun commentary: Wow, I'd forgotten I did that. That miniature is a perfectly normal looking human. What I did was to cut out his head in my graphics editor and enlarge it with respect to the rest of the body. Or rather, not shrink it as much as the rest of the photo. It actually looks pretty good, I think.

That male figure is a science fiction miniature, with a futuristic gun. The red-robed female is actually a fantasy figure* with a staff raised above her head in her left hand. I think she had a sword or dagger or something in her right hand, which I cut off and replaced with a gun.

* No, not in that sense. Well, maybe to some of you.

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