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<   No. 2138   2008-12-03   >

Comic #2138

1 Monty: Travel through time?! You can't be serious! That's patently ridiculous!
1 {in the foreground, a rat runs across the computer room}
2 Hitler's Brain Clones: Interesting of someone who has witnessed die occult powers of die Ark of die Covenent und die Holy Grail to say anything is ridiculous.
2 {a white cat chases the rat}
3 Monty: But that's...
4 Hitler's Brain Clones: Und to protest about it while talking to a collection of cloned brains of die Führer in jars!!
4 {the rat disappears off screen, followed by the cat}

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Like many people, I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull when it came out in the cinemas. There were a few irksome things about it, but I didn't have any problem with the... overall direction and resolution of the plot near the end. The origin of the eponymous crystal skull, I mean. (I'm trying to avoid revealing too much for people who might still be yet to see the movie.)

The Indiana Jones setting already canonically had working magic and a God and/or gods who interfere in the affairs of mortals. So I don't think the skull is any more "outside the parameters of the setting" than anything we've seen already in the first three films. While it's not my favourite of the films, I definitely enjoyed it.

2021-01-23 Rerun commentary: I've come to feel over the years that I'm a lot less critical of movies than other people - at least other people who rant on the net about how crap certain movies are.

I don't think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is as tight and polished as the first and third Indy movies (the best two), and there are certain scenes I don't like, but I'm still glad they made it and I still enjoy watching it.

There are very few movies I've ever seen that I just thought afterwards "that was total crap". I like to try and enjoy the good bits and overlook the bad bits.

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