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<   No. 2090   2008-10-16   >

Comic #2090

1 Alvissa: Okay then. In we go.
2 Alvissa: {walking into the dark tunnel of Dwergenberg} Just remember one thing this time guys. Whatever happens, let's not get separated.
3 {beat, in the pitch blackness}
4 Alvissa: Guys?
4 Mordekai: Ha! Got you!
4 Alvissa: That's not funny!

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In reference to eyes adjusting to the dark, I wanted to link to Wikipedia's entry on nocturnal houses, but no such article exists! I'm stunned. There are articles on aquaria, aviaries, serpentaria, even butterfly zoo and bear pit(!). But no nocturnal house.

Of course now I expect a fully researched and referenced article with photos to be there within 24 hours.

EDIT: If you followed the link, you'll see there is in fact an article there now. It was created 31 minutes after this comic was published, and at the 24-hour mark it looked like this.
2020-08-08 Rerun commentary: Wikipedia's nocturnal house article has grown a little in the years since, but not a lot.

I'm assuming in this comic that the guys in the party specifically didn't activate a light source when they went into the dark tunnel just so they could prank Alvissa here.

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