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<   No. 2069   2008-09-25   >

Comic #2069

1 Draak: Draak not like cross hills to town and see Draak in past time.
2 Lambert: Why not, Draak?
3 Draak: Cold bloods not get on well. Draak might start big fight with Draak from past.
4 Mordekai: Okay, now that would be cool.
4 Kyros: Was that meant to to dissuade us?

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In an odd coincidence, yesterday I started reading the latest book in Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series: Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox. I'm only a chapter in (as I type this), but the cover blurb says it's about Artemis going back in time to attempt to steal some item off his past self.

I wonder if Mr Colfer reads this comic, and has gone back in time to write the book after seeing this strip...

2020-05-24 Rerun commentary: If you really went back in time to steal something from yourself, presumably you know if you succeeded or not, because your past self should remember inexplicably losing the item in question.

For a real challenge, try going back in time to steal something that you know for a fact never got stolen from you.

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